When the conversation stops

Social media is growing up. It’s no longer the adorable infant captivating the room. No longer the shiny new object. I personally use social media far less these days. I keep facebook as it’s linked to the work page, and browse Twitter and Instagram infrequently, preferring superior tools for content curation. Do you remember how

From digital to innovation

Sometimes life catches you off guard. Like when a fart slips out in yoga class, or when an employer asks you to take on a new role that will likely take you down a whole new career path. To say I was surprised when first asked to take on a new role leading an innovation

Multi-touch attribution: measuring return across channels

Fundraisers are dreaming of a multi-touch attribution model. The problem is trying to apply direct response measurement in an indirect response world. Accounting for every dollar spent on fundraising is imperative. As this is impossible within our modern media landscape, charities are caught in a double bind: forced to use direct response measurement knowing it

Global fundraising trends 2013

This article was first published on Pro Bono Australia, 22 October 2013. A consistent narrative across all sessions at the International Fundraising Congress is that fundraising is getting harder. The conference, held annually in the Netherlands, showcases leading practice and innovation from around the world. About 950 fundraisers from 60 countries attended this year’s congress, which consisted

Thriving in a fragmented future

The best way to predict the future is to create it. I’m not sure who said this, but it was the key message at the ThoughtWorks Live seminar, which was held yesterday and explored the fragmented future of digital. The one thing we know for sure is the internet is quickly becoming ubiquitous, which creates

The state of digital marketing

The SoDA Report provides a comprehensive look at the state of digital marketing across the globe. With content from some of digital marketings most influential thinkers, the first edition for 2013 explores the current state of digital marketing. There is no doubt that the digital marketing industry is maturing. There is now far less focus

Digital marketing: 3 things every marketer must know

Imagine if our marketing and communications departments were split into print, radio and television teams. Dumb right? So why do so many see digital marketing as being so different it needs its own team? The answer is actually simple. With so few senior marketeers understanding how to operate online, we need digital specialists to lead

Content first

There’s a growing trend towards using content and storytelling more effectively to create engaging supporter experiences. I’m inclined to agree with Andrew Keen, who argues we now build relationships with brands much like we do with other people. And relationships are built through a series of lightweight interactions over time. This approach requires us to

Lance Armstrong: One less hero

Lance Armstrong won some bike races. He was the best of all time. He confessed to doping. As much I admire Lance Armstrong’s accomplishments, what I admire more is the positive impact he has had on millions. Not just through the foundation, but the way he embodies the idea you can overcome life’s challenges and

Publish or perish

Publish or perish. It’s long been the rule for academics looking to scale the ivory tower. At some point this little phrase, publish or perish, snuck out of academic hallways and into the lives of us everyday types. I don’t know who made the rule or when. What I do know is it has almost