From digital to innovation

Posted on January 19 2014 in Innovation, Words & life

Sometimes life catches you off guard. Like when a fart slips out in yoga class, or when an employer asks you to take on a new role that will likely take you down a whole new career path.

To say I was surprised when first asked to take on a new role leading an innovation team is an understatement of epic proportions. I had no idea what to do. Say yes, say no, I didn’t know.

I love working in digital. I love my team, whom I’d worked with for the past two years. Not to mention the fact that I’m hyper aware there is demand for senior digital managers with experience across the various disciplines that make up online marketing communications.

But sometimes life catches you off guard, for a reason.

And the realisation that I was jazzed about the opportunity to think bigger than just digital soon invaded my conscious mind. After all, the thing that originally lured me to specialise in digital was that it was new and evolving so quickly. Which is, by definition, what innovation is all about.

More importantly, it felt right.

So I’m now an innovation manager working with a talented team on improving supporter experience across channels, prototyping and testing new opportunities, as well as working on some exciting international partnership projects.

Life is good.

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